Beach N' Bay report - this weekend

- Episode 135 - 

What's going on with this weather?

We wore jeans and raincoats to work earlier in the week and are keen to get back into shorts once again.
According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the soaking rain and wind can be linked to ex-tropical cyclone Stan which has seen rainfall records fall and flooding across South Australia and Victoria. 

The forecast for this coming weekend looks to much more summer like, we hope the BoM goet it right. We do need to remind ourselves and other boaties that the best boating conditions will be on offer soon (in terms of wind and temp) it's still yet to come, about a month away. Remember that: March, April, May and June are really terrific months to go boating with conditions being truly in our favour. So I'll put the kettle on and relax, I suggest you do the same...

HEADS UP: The grand opening for Wyndham Harbour is set.  So please put these two dates in your diary:

The opening is locked in for the two weekends of 27-28 February and 5-6 March 2016.
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Go by boat and stay for the weekend or even stay both weekends and we'll provide you with FREE overnight berthing with compliments of St Kilda Boat Sales and Wyndham Harbour.

That's right, come down for the weekend, plug into shore power and be part of the fun! Food vans, a fishing compition, boat handling lessons, entertainment and music. Loads of activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. There's even a boaties BBQ hosted by the Coast Guard on both of the Saturday evenings. What a great way to meet other boaties and share boating secrets. REGISTER NOW, free berthing spaces are limited.

This weekend's Beach N' Bay Report is proudly presented by our very own: Darren Finkelstein 'The Boat Guy' for the waters of Port Phillip for 6-7 February 2016.  

A reminder to listen to Darren as he broadcasts <live> his weekly Beach N' Bay reports on radio 3AW, three times every Saturday and Sunday from December to March each year.   

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Weekends: 6.45a, 7.45a and 9.45a

Enjoy our weekly boating forecast, see you on the water; afterall   
Life Is Better With A Boat. 

Safe Boating Always! 

Over N' Out 
Darren and Andrew


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All weather information given by The Boat-Guy has been sourced directly from Bureau of Meteorology with good intentions, so blame them if it's wrong. Seriously, weather and boating forecasts do change and sometimes without notice. Always check the current forecast in full, before you go!
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We love the season opener. Here's a ripper Snapper - location a secret.

Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre

Areas of Responsibility

NOAA's two Tsuami Warning Centers (PTWC and WC/ATWC) have separate areas of responsibility, which are the geographical areas within which each Center has the responsibility for the dissemination of messages and the provision of interpretive information to emergency managers and other officials, news media, and the public. These are shown on the map below.

Pacific - International

As the primarly operational headquarters for the Pacific Tsunami Warning System, PTWC provides warnings for Pacific basin teletsunamis (tsunamis that can cause damage far away from their source) to almost every country around the Pacific rim and to most of the Pacific island states. This function is carried out under the auspices of the UNESCO/IOC International Coordination Group for the Pacific Tsunami Warning System. A few destructive teletsunamis are generated each century by great earthquakes around the Pacific rim. Such tsunamis can propagate across the entire Pacific in less than 24 hours, and cause widespread destruction along shorelines located thousands of miles from the source. With ever-increasing population and development along most coastlines, there is a corresponding increase in risk. The last destructive teletsunami occurred in 1964 following the great Alaska earthquake.

Australia Region - current status
Pacific Ocean - current status
Indian Ocean - current status
Hawaii - current status