Beach N' Bay Report - This weekend

Don't us boaties just love foggy mornings?

For the seasoned 'old-salts', who have seen these conditions many, many times each winter, know that when the morning fog burns away, a beautiful sunny afternoon, boating on the still pond of Port Phillip awaits.

This week has been no exception. Several days of thick fog in the morning and full sunny afternoons of boating avctivity has blessed us all. The boat ramp here at St Kilda Marina has been full of winter boaties, excited about afternoon boating activities along the suburban coastline.

To top that off, attracting plenty of onlookers on Tuesday afternoon was a pod of dolpins who found there way into the marina. They swam for serveral hours playing in the main channel and under many boats. It's always a good sign pointing to the cleanliness of our local waterways. Long may it continue, what a special sight!

Our weekly Beach N' Bay Report  is proudly presented by St Kilda Boat Sales and our very own "The Boat Guy" Darren Finkelstein for the waters of Port Phillip for the weekend of 26-27 July 2014.

Be sure to watch this weekends Beach N' Bay Report for your captain's briefing on where to go boating and what to do in these conditions.

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