St Kilda Marina & Wyndham Harbour
Victoria Australia

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Watch this weekend's Beach N' Bay Report for the waters of Port Phillip and Western Port, proudly presented by our very own: Darren Finkelstein 'The Boat Guy' for: 27-28 August 2016. 

- EPISODE  No. 161 -

Next weekend's report is Episode No.162 and will be uploaded on Thursday morning.

Remember: 'Life Is Better With A Boat'. 

Safe Boating Always,

Over N' Out   
Darren and Andrew



Visit our new Boat Sales and Chandlery office at Wyndham Harbour. We stock the lot!

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PLUS: Get your 'Mates Rates' loyalty card for more FREE stuff.

Located right on the main promenade we are at: Shop 4 Marina Quay, 50 Quay Boulevard, Werribee South. Our Boat Sales and Chandlery office is open from 9am-5pm on Wednesday to Sunday or by appointment. 

Come-on down for a coffee, we'll show you around. Come by boat we have free visitors berths available -  just call us first to arrange.


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All weather information given by 'The Boat-Guy' has been sourced directly from Bureau of Meteorology, so blame them if it's wrong. Seriously, our weather and boating forecasts do change and sometimes without notice. Always check the current forecast in full, before you go! Current 4-day Boating Forecast >>


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We have two Webcams broadcasting <live> streams in HD:

1>  St Kilda Marina - Located high on top of the lighthouse at the St Kilda Marina entrance and it's contstantly rotating in a sweeping motion. The view is terrific covering: St Kilda, South Melbourne, Station Pier, CBD, Williamstown, Altona, Elwood and beyond.

2>  Wyndham Harbour - A fixed camera mounted on top on the light tower on the central spine which overlooks the Wyndham Harbour Marina and onward deep into Port Phillip.  View Now >>


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Wild Weather

Event 1:

24th June 2014 - Melbourne's WILD weather. High wides and a tidal surge makes things really hairy down here in St Kilda.... 
Watch our videos and read our report

Event 2:

Nothing to report

Perfect present for dad

A must read for novice boaties, old salts, your partner and the kids...

@ Wyndham Harbour

St Kilda Boat Sales @ Wyndham Harbour 
Shop 4 - Marina Quay, 50 Quay Boulevard,
Werribee South 3030. Victoria Australia

  • Open Wednesday to Sunday
  • 9am - 5.00pm or by appointment

@ St Kilda Marina

St Kilda Boat Sales @ St Kilda Marina
Marine Parade,
Elwood 3184. Victoria Australia

  • Open Monday to  Saturday
  • 9am - 5.00pm or by appointment